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«Fast-paced discoveries & new horizons»

Be it rural areas or the border triangle between Switzerland, Austria and Germany, be it alp trail hikes or enjoying the endless expanse of the Lake Constance. Be it by rail, road, in or on the water. On this roundtrip you can experience the pace of eastern Switzerland in all its facets.


By train you continue your journey through the idyllic Toggenburg landscape passing Wattwil in direction of Lake Constance and Kreuzlingen. A sidetrip to the Toggenburg World of Experience in Lichtensteig is a must for fans of toy- and hobby electric railways, oldtimers, dolls as well as nativity scenes.


Kreuzlingen offers many excursions: Culture enthusiasts enjoy one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Lake Constance region from the Napoleon Museum Thurgau in Salenstein at Schloss Arenenberg. Fun for the whole family is guaranteed with a visit to the fresh and saltwater aquarium Sea Life in Konstanz, which can be reached by boat of the Schweizerische Bodensee Schifffahrt within only 10 travel minutes. I you'd like to stay a bit longer in Kreuzlingen, you can spend the night at JUCKERS's Boutique Hotel in Tägerwilen oder at the Hotel Arenenberg in Salenstein.

By boat of the Schweizerische Bodensee Schifffahrt you continue over Lake Constance and alongside the picturesque towns on the Swiss riverbank. If you'd like to linger here, you should plan a stopover at Seemöwe Swiss Quality Hotel or at the Hotel and Restaurant Sokrates in Güttingen. If you prefer tarmac and horsepower over the water, you should plan a pit stop at the World of experience autobau in Romanshorn – this experience lets the hearts of all car- race sports- ond oldtimer enthusiasts beat faster. Afterwards you can refuel with a glass of freshly-squeezed apple juice at the MoMö juice museum in Arbon!


In Rorschach, the bathing beach Rorschach with its idyllic location and the 65m water slide is the ideal place for everyone, not only for families, who'd like enjoy some leisure time at the lake.

Art and culture enthusiasts enjoy the breathtaking lake view from the art café of the Forum Würth. Clearly the will also enjoy the awesome, temporary exhibitions.

By train you continue from Rorschach through Rheineck and St. Margrethen in direction of Buchs SG. The Hotel Hecht in Rheineck offers a nice option to spend the night in the historic town. The train route runs along the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


For the ones who like to deal with healthy walking and standing instead of sitting, the World of walk-on-air in Sennwald offers a worhwile detour.

The Liechtenstein National Museum in Vaduz offers interesting facts about the history, culture and nature of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Captivating and interactive exhibits make the visit plenty of fun for the whole family.

From Buchs you continue your journey up to Wildhaus by postal bus.


If you'd like to spend some more time in the Obertoggenburg, the Hotel Hirschen Wildhaus in Wildhaus offers the perfect accomodation. The Wildhaus-Oberdorf-Gamsalp Chairlift will take you to a hiking paradise with unique views – an experience for outdoor lovers of all ages.

Close to Wildhaus, in Unterwasser, you can stay ate the Hotel Sternen – an ideal base camp für sports enthusiasts, families and gourmets.

Continueing your journey by postal bus to Nesslau, the Sound Forge Toggenburg in Alt St. Johann is a worthwile stopover. You can discover the forging of bells, rolls and other resonating bodies from near – you can even make you own bell if you like!

The Toggenburg World of Experience
CHF 16.00Free
Hotel Hirschen
Wildhaus Chairlift
CHF 34.00Free
Sound Forge Toggenburg
CHF 13.00Free
Napoleon Museum Thurgau
CHF 15.00Free
JUCKERs Boutique-Hotel
Sea Life, Konstanz
Euro 18.75Free
Seemöwe Swiss Quality Hotel
Schweizerische Bodensee Schifffahrt
CHF 49.50Free
World of experience autobau
CHF 18.00Free
Bathing beach Rorschach
CHF 6.00Free
Hotel Hecht
kybun world
CHF 12.00Free
Liechtenstein National Museum
CHF 10.00Free
Hotel Sternen Unterwasser
Hotel Restaurant Sokrates
Hotel Arenenberg
MoMö juice museum
CHF 9.00Free
Forum Würth Rorschach
CHF 8.00Free