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«Splendid views and deep relaxation»

Sun, water, some nostalgia and a whole lot of humor. Everything topped off with a breathtaking scenery: time to be in a good mood.

St. Gallen

St. Gallen offers a lot for culture enthusiasts. The world renowned Abbey Diestrict of St. Gallen with its splendid baroque hall belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. The newly built Natural History Museum St. Gallen offers exciting events and exhibits all around the themes of nature, animals and environment. For the ones interested in fine fabrics and embroideries, the Textile Museum St. Gallen, which was founded in 1878, offers one of the most significant textile collections of Switzerland. At the city park in St. Gall you will find the Historisches und Völkerkundemuseum St. Gallen, which sees itself as a platform for culture- and art history, ethnology as well as contemporary history and also offers a museum especially for children in its attic level.

If you'd like to stay in the heart of the historical center, you can spend the night at the abbey district at the Hotel Dom or at the  Einstein St. Gallen - Hotel Congress Spa. At the edge of the historical center, the hotel Militärkantine can be found. The «historic hotel of 2017» shows itself in classical-modern Scandi-Design and convinces its visitors with lively culture and conscious organic cooking.


From St. Gall you take the train to the town of Rorschach.

In Rorschach, the Bathing beach Rorschach with its idyllic location and the 65m water slide is the ideal place for everyone, not only for families, who'd like enjoy some leisure time at the lake.

Art and culture enthusiasts enjoy the breathtaking lake view from the art café of the Forum Würth. Clearly the will also enjoy the awesome, temporary exhibitions.


A nostalgic rack railway leads from Rorschach up to the village of Heiden. If you can't get enough of the wonderful panoramic view over Lake Constance, you should spend the night at Hotel Heiden. And for the ones who aim even higher 157 stair steps lead to the panoramic terrace of the Church tower in Heiden. Also well worth a visit is the  Henry-Dunant-Museum in Heiden, dedicated to the life and work of the founder of the Red Cross. Deep relaxation in the middle of the wonderful Appenzell landscape is guaranteed by the Appenzeller Spa in Unterrechstein.


From Heiden you can take an about 3 hour hike on the «jokeway» from Wolfhalden through Sonder to Walzenhousen. On about Auf rund 40 boards, you get to know the sly Appenzeller jokes (in german) and enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Lake Constance and the Rhine valley. If you aren't into hiking, you can cover the stretch – or part of it – by postal bus.


From Walzenhousen you travel to Rheineck in the comfort of a nostalgic rack railway. The Hotel Hecht offers a nice possibility to spend the night in the historic town of Rheineck. On boat you continue along the Old Rhine through a nature reserve back to Rorschach and from there by train to St. Gall.

Abbey District of St. Gallen
CHF 18.00Free
Natural History Museum St. Gallen
CHF 12.00Free
Textile Museum St.Gallen
CHF 12.00Free
Historisches und Völkerkundemuseum St.Gallen
CHF 12.00Free
Hotel Dom
St. Gallen 
Einstein St. Gallen – Hotel Congress Spa
St. Gallen 
Rope Park Gründenmoos
CHF 30.00Free
Bathing beach Rorschach
CHF 6.00Free
Hotel Heiden
Church tower ascent in Heiden
CHF 2.00Free
CHF 7.00Free
Appenzeller Spa
CHF 32.00Free
Hotel Hecht
Forum Würth Rorschach
CHF 8.00Free
Militärkantine St. Gallen
St. Gallen